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Why Christians Should Be Reading The Religion Section of The Huffington Post

I know there are plenty of my sisters and brothers out there who would just as soon read The Enquirer than The Huffington Post. There are plenty of reasons for which I understand this happens. However, when we decide to read something because it doesn’t support our own ideology, we may end up missing something […]

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What Phil Cooke, Ph.D. Got Wrong About What Harold Camping Got Right

In the wake of Harold Camping, there has been much to criticize and satirize–including Camping’s “I got the math wrong” pile. However, there was one commentator who got something else pretty wrong. Phil Cooke, Ph.D–a man whom I have never heard of ’til now–wrote an article which appeared on the Huffington Post. In it, he […]

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A summary of “Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Riddle”–My Christian History Term Paper

Here is the summary of the paper I wrote for my Christian History course this past semester: Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a man who has been claimed by both sides of the theological spectrum–both for good reasons. First, his theology is entirely focused on Christ and him glorified. If your theology didn’t include Christ in abundance, […]

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VIDEO: I attempt to eat after I had my tooth pulled

The purpose of this video is two-fold. First, I wanted to get an idea of how it looked to eat when one has just had semi-invasive dental work done. Second, I wanted to get a feel for how recording and editing video were on the iPad 2. NOTE: This was filmed and edited in a […]

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PHOTOS: My day at the dentist

This is me eagerly anticipating the doctor. I have just received the shots I can’t feel anything from my eyebrow to my collar bone This part was fun. Yeah, it’s as gross as it looks. I have always had bad teeth.

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Do we REALLY need to worry about Sharia Law?

The recent efforts by certain state governments to ban the use of Sharia Law in U.S. Courts is shameful. The worst thing is that their efforts may lead to judicial confusion, rather than U.S. sovereignty. An there’s a great article in the Huffington Post that breaks down some of the unneeded redundancies: They will say […]

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The Best Donut Ever!

As a privilege of being the publisher of this blog, I get to share random things of interest from my life. Most of them will be food. This is the most perfect donut ever!

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What is it you would like to see from “Notes?”

I have told you what you can expect from “Notes,” but what would you—the reader–like to see? This blog will take reader comments very seriously and will attempt to address as many as possible. So, what’s it gonna be? -What scripture do you have questions about? -What questions about the Christian life are there that […]

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“Jesus is a Friend of Mine” by Sonseed

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen: May we never lose the ability to laugh at ourselves:)

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Kirk Cameron: It’s late, but…

I like Mike Seaver. I don’t like Kirk Cameron’s comments about Stephen Hawking’s comments about heaven being a fairy tale. As we have seen over the last few months, this is the way Hawking is trending. He is entitled. Cameron has just as much a right to comment as to his disagreement with Dr. Hawking. […]

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